Writing a Mission Statement That's Like Marketing Magic

Writing a mission statement correctly means it is a great marketing tool and it can (and should) be used on many of your marketing materials. However, many businesses don't even know the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement - so let's start there.

A Mission Statement vs. A Vision Statement

A vision statement tells others what your goals are/where you are going. For example: to be the largest bakery in Alaska.

A good, strong marketing mission statement, on the other hand, tells others where you are now... why you are there... and why you are the best!

A Marketing Mission Statement Will:

1) Create focus.

2) Communicate why you are different.

3) Keep you motivated for the right reasons.

4) Attract and keep employees involved in your dreams.

5) Establish rapport with prospects.

6) Be used in your marketing materials.

7) Establish rapport with customers.

8) Communicate passion and commitment.

9) Get noticed – grab your prospect’s attention.


Okay, so now you know what a good marketing mission statement will do for you... but how do you go about writing a mission statement that is also a good marketing tool?

Here is an example that will help you. I KNOW that it is different... and touchy/feely... but I can tell you from experience that it does all of the things that a good marketing mission statement must do.

"More than anything, it is the genuine commitment of each of us serving you through Heaven Scent Bakery to make your day special by providing you with fresh warm breads, pastries, bagels, and specialty coffee drinks. It is our passion to provide these delightful foods in a convenient manner which not only leaves a wonderful, lasting impression but also creates a new friendship."

NOTE: The best font to use when literally writing a mission statement is Italics Times New Roman. Italic Times New Roman font psychologically represents a friendly, spoken word... so put it to work for you. After all, you are going for rapport every chance you get! (When I figure out how to do that in html on a website, I'll change it and then I can delete this message!) :-)