Value-Added = Profits Added!

People like to feel like they are getting more than they pay for. That is what a Value Added product or service is all about. Nearly every business already provides some type of value-added product or service but they don’t promote it. How absurd. Promoting your value-added product or service is extremely important to your marketing. For example, if you were going to go to a bakery after church, and there were several good bakeries available in the area – but one offered free coffee – which would you choose? Studies prove the one with the free coffee – even if the prices on their others products were higher!

Now, don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to give away something free! In fact, many times (especially in service businesses) you can simply look at what is included in your service and itemize something out – and promote it as your value-added.

For example, an insurance agent might always provide clients with a complimentary copy of Homeowners Inventory Software. Therefore, instead of keeping it a secret until after the sale, the agent needs to promote the fact that it is included with every policy. Alternatively, maybe it is free phone and fax consultation – or an add-on of some type for your product.

Here are a few tips you can use when defining and using your Value-Added marketing message:

  •  Assign a dollar value to your value-add so if asked, you can easily tell prospects
  •  When you create your invoice or billing statement, be certain to show your value-add as a line-item with a dollar value and then a credit for that amount (or use the words FREE or No-Cost)
  • Sometimes your value-added is also the same as your New Customer Promotion (discussed in the next chapter)
Example Value-Addeds
Free Editing Services
Free Phone and Fax consultation
Free Initial Consultation
Free Special Report
Complimentary Follow-Up Appointments
Additional 2 Weeks Supply Free
Free Adjustments for 90 Days
Your Friend Comes Along Free
Free Samples – Every Time
Free Condiments – Every Time
Includes All Extras
Free Shampoo With Every Cut
Free Color Sample Swatch
Free Gum with Every Fill-Up
Children’s Grab Bag – Free With Purchase