Why Brilliant Marketing! 
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Brilliant Marketing! isn't just a rehashing of everything everyone else is telling you. Instead, it takes the best of the best of small business marketing and puts it all together in a way that makes marketing do-able for just about everyone!

Brilliant Marketing! works... it gets maximum results for minimum expense!

Why? Well I'd like to think that the commitment, blood, sweat, and tears we've poured into developing something that really, honestly helps people improve their marketing results had something to do with it... but more likely, the success of Brilliant Marketing! is attributable to some things which are much less emotional! :-)

Statistics - Brilliant Marketing! is based on statistics, industry research, and the principals of psychology. From the messages that go on your marketing materials, to the material templates... even the steps taken in the tactics and campaigns, are all based on what statistics and psychology tells us gets results!

Rapport - 87% of all business transactions are based on rapport; this is another true competitive advantage of Brilliant Marketing!; we show you how to develop and use messages, materials, and tactics that all focus on creating rapport with your prospects and customers. Most marketing COMPLETELY misses this critical element!

Do-Able! - All the brilliant ideas in the world are dead unless you put them into action. It literally took years of research and working with small businesses to figure out what made people follow-through and do the things they knew they needed to do to get results... that is where the Living Marketing Manual came from... and even the checklists and check boxes throughout the Brilliant Marketing! e-book; it all plays into the psychology of getting things done... making it do-able.

Saves You Time - Using the Living Marketing Manual, the exercises, and the templates in the Brilliant Marketing ebooks ensures your marketing takes the absolute LEAST amount of time possible... after all, you have a business to run - you can't spend all your time marketing!

Maximizing Everything - Brilliant Marketing! means maximizing everything you do for the sake of marketing... if you create a material, you design it for maximum impact and then you use it in as many ways as you can. If you do a direct mail program, you do it on a schedule proven to get maximum results! EVERYTHING is maximized!

Cheap - cheap... inexpensive... however you want to say it, Brilliant Marketing! focuses on doing everything for the least amount of cash possible (to still gets extraordinary results)! For example, did you know that you can get a better marketing response with a black and white ad than you can when you pay for the much more expensive color ad? It's true... you simply design your ad with a thick black border around the edges to get the higher response rate - at the lower cost! Brilliant Marketing! is full of these clever, little known tips. As you learn them, it feels like discovering small treasures! 

More About the Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Brilliant Marketing! didn't actually start out as a small business marketing firm; we started as a small business customer service firm: Health CARE Experts. We provided "customer services for long-term patient loyalty." (In other words, we provided doctors, dentists, and chiropractors with ideas for great customer service (and we also took care of all the details for them -- without their patients knowing, of course!))

So... this all started part-time, out of my home. Our first mission was to stay one step ahead of the curve when it came to knowing about great customer service ideas; our second mission was to know and learn all about marketing so that we could get Health Care-Experts new customers.

Let's just say, that even though I had a really successful career as a Systems Analyst in information technologies, I was on a virtually non-existent marketing budget, and had little time to market(you know, the 'real job', couple of kids, house payment, commute, etc.)

So, during the first year of owning Health Care-Experts, I was endlessly researching marketing, applying my analysts skills, working with some of the best and brightest people anyone could ever hope to work with, and trying one idea after the next. I was also driving the 86 miles (round trip to work and back every day) with all of these ideas just swimming in my head. I was wondering how to make sense of it all and how to put all of these great ideas into action... and then it hit me!!!!

I literally thought "WOW! If someone could just give me these Brilliant Ideas and tell me how to do it, I'd pay for that! It would save me a fortune in time and money!"

And ya, the beast was born and the rest is history. ;-) Oh yea, it wasn't that easy...

The story from there forward is that we worked with thousands of small business, chamber members, home-based businesses, sales agents... all types of businesses of all shapes and sizes -- from all industries. 

We really got into the details and learned quickly that almost everything that everyone was trying simply wasn't working well. We went deep into analyzing why, and deeper into figuring out how to change that. We took a look at what they were doing, what was working, what wasn't - why it wasn't, etc. We combined that with lots of brainstorming sessions and focus groups and came up with tons of original ideas... all centered around how to make marketing work for small businesses. We tested ideas and measured results.

After several years and some killer results, we knew we were onto something... 

  •  We were the only firm to be selected to speak as the Marketing Subject Matter Expert at the US. Small Business Administration's Success Tracks series three years in a row. (No firm, in any category, was ever given a shot more than once! We were, however, because they felt that we really got into the heart of the matter for the true small business... and that our information was practical, do-able, and results-oriented.)

  • I was selected to be the Small Business Marketing advisor for Denver's KTLK radio show, The Business Beat, a weekly talk show targeted at Denver's small and start-up business community.

  • And finally, one of my customers told me that they learned more in my 4 hour seminar than they had in a $25,000 weekend workshop with a nationally known marketing guru. WHAT AN HONOR it was to hear that!

Needless to say, we continued developing ideas, testing ideas, and working endlessly to provide the best of the best small business marketing ideas and tactics. Somewhere in all of that, the Brilliant Marketing! system was born... and now the books.

The Brilliant Marketing! e-zine 
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