Brilliant Slogan Ideas, Tips, and Tricks!

Marketing Myth: Creative slogan ideas are good slogans!
Marketing Truth: The best marketing slogan is one that clearly states what you do and why you do it better. It doesn’t have to be fancy or superbly creative. It simply has to make a short, strong, powerful statement.

Marketing Myth: Creativity sells! A good slogan is a creative slogan. 
Marketing Truth: NOT EVEN CLOSE! Creativity doesn’t sell–and isn’t the entire purpose of your slogan to SELL YOUR SERVICES AND PRODUCTS? Who cares if it’s a clever jingle? Who cares how many people remember? Who cares unless they are buying from you?

Marketing Myth: Award-winning slogans are critical; people will remember your business and become your customer.
Marketing Truth: I don’t care how good you feel when you come up with a humdinger, award-winning creative slogan. Unless you have the budget to advertise during the Superbowl broadcast, or repeatedly on national television and radio, it just doesn't matter! It is a fact that a creative slogan does not impact small business revenues. So... if it doesn’t sell your products and services (NOW) then it isn’t a good marketing slogan.

Marketing Myth: Slogans that make your prospects laugh are important to your marketing. 
Marketing Truth: Good, strong marketing slogan ideas are ones that create a positive feeling in your prospects, or ones that position your business as the best business your prospect could possibly select. For example, Heaven Scent Bakery’s slogan is "Wonderful, Warm, and Delicious… Every Time!" That's a compelling slogan.

Marketing Myth: If you have lots of slogan ideas, you don't have to pick just one; you can have lots of slogans. Marketing Truth: If you have lots of Brilliant slogan ideas, select one to be your slogan and use it consistently in all your marketing materials. Use all others as taglines or themes in your different marketing materials.