#1 Way to Increase Marketing Results: 
Use Little Known Rapport Messages

Relationship marketing is, by far, the absolute most effective marketing strategy that exists.

In fact, if you learn only one thing in this entire course, it should be this: using rapport messages and tactics to create relationships (or the feeling of relationships) are VITAL to your success.

Relationship marketing is marketing that focuses on creating a relationship with your customers and your prospects… one that helps them “feel like they know you as a person– not just a business.” Rapport marketing is VITAL and I can not stress that enough! (But I'm sure going to try!)

Why is it so vital? Well...

  • 87% of all business is done based on rapport; people do business with people they know (or feel like they know) and trust... a statistic like that simply doesn’t lie and it can not be ignored. If you want to succeed, focus on relationship marketing!

  •  Very few marketing professionals, and even fewer business owners, understand how to create a relationship with someone they can’t see, speak to, or talk with. Another road-block to relationship marketing is that there is the wide-spread, false believe that creating professional boundaries between a business and prospect is the only credible way to market. (You've seen this done all the time -- marketing materials typically focus strictly on credentials, business, or career accomplishments.)
  •  If those barriers weren't enough, ego marketing (which is how most marketing can be classified) is much more self-gratifying than rapport marketing. After all, creating your expensive, four color brochures feels more impressive than a black and white or two-color, rapport-based brochure... and technical writing seems so much more intelligent than conversational writing. (I can relate first hand on this one. In another life, I was a professional technical writer. Sometimes when I go back over this site and read it, I can't help but to think of how some people will read this site and just cringe at the writing style It is at those time that I just have to remind myself that I know what works... and I know why... and that speaking to you as if you were here is a far better marketing strategy than speaking in "business-eese". I encourage you to do the same... even when it's hard!)

  •  In addition, businesses aren’t comfortable using rapport marketing (oh my gosh – it might be something different...and it might appear less than professional.) I can not tell you HOW MANY businesses I have worked with over the years that just don’t get this point – and/or – don’t want to either (or so it seems!) (Can you say: resistant to change? Can you say EGO?)

So... how do you create rapport with people you don't know -- can't speak with -- can't see?

Well... the best place to start in your marketing is by using rapport phrases (strategically worded phrases that are known to help break down psychological barriers and create a feeling of rapport). (In this online course, you will also create specific materials and implement specific marketing tactics for creating rapport).

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