600% More Profit Potential 
Just By Using Referrals

As business owners we obviously want all the referrals we can get. (After all, it is 600% less expensive to get customers by word-of-mouth marketing than it is to use direct mail marketing to get them.)

The problem? We want referrals but we rarely give our customers an incentive (or motivating reason) to refer us. This is a huge mistake because it is a proven fact that people will respond to something in far greater numbers if "there is something in it" for them.

Yes, it's true, whether we like it or not. The good news? By taking advantage of the information on this webiste, you will get more business.

Now, before you go too far thinking up reasons why this idea won't work for your business, let me tell you, I've heard all of the excuses.

For example, one very classy auto repair facility (okay, auto body shop), wouldn't use an incentive because they only wanted referrals based on their reputation, not because the customer really wanted a steak dinner for two (or whatever.)

HELLO! They obviously did not realize that if the customer was not happy with them, even 100 steak dinners couldn't persuade the customer to tell others?

Another excuse I've heard more than once, is that some licensed industries don't allow incentives for customers who provide referrals. Okay, I'll buy that... but I have yet to see an industry that won't allow a "Thank You" - especially if it is below a certain dollar amount.

Finally, another common excuse is not being able to track the referral incentive to see if it is working. Now, I agree, this is a tough one (especially for some large retail stores,restaurants, or other businesses with a more massive customer base.) HOWEVER -- if you really look at your operations, and create the right materials, you WIIL be able to figure out something that works.

So... what makes a good Referral Incentive? Well, they all share these characteristics:

Timeless (you can offer / promote it endlessly)
Motivating (it provides lots of incentive for referring)
Cost-Effective (it doesn't eat into your profits)
Easy to track (having them return something like a card is ideal)
Easy to provide (you provide something that doesn't become an operational nightmare for you)
Creates repeat business (for example, a restaurant would provide a free dinner instead of a free stay in a hotel or a car wash or whatever... if they come in for their free dinner, they just might buy appetizers and dessert)
Easy to understand - SIMPLE