Reward Your Customers For Their Referrals
And Watch Your Business Grow

Online Course: Lesson Twenty-nine

So What is a Referral Incentive Flier? It is a very simple flier that you use with your customers to get maximum referrals. To create yours, use the following tips:

1) Headlines! Create an incentive for the reader to actually read the flyer.

2) Be sure to explain what is in it for them when they refer your business.

3) Be sure to explain how the Referral Incentive program works (what they have to do, how they get credit, and how they 'collect' on their reward (or what and when you provide them with it).

4) Put other marketing messages in the design as appropriate.

5) All contact info should go in the bottom center, large and easy to read.

6) Be sure to include a number where they can get questions answered about this promotion.