Right and Wrong Postcard Marketing Methods

"Of all your ideas, postcard marketing has been the most successful for me. I used to send a lot of flyers and brochures, spending tons of time on envelope stuffing and tons of money on postage. I am now saving over $430 a month and a better ROI." 
Leo Dickleman 
Auctioneer, Arkansas 

Use postcards and use them often!!!

The following statistics and tips help you understand why postcards should be a huge part of your small business marketing program.

Postcards statistically have the highest readership rate (98%);prospects essentially have to read them just to decide if they are going to read them or toss them.

Using color in postcards increases readership by 41% and raises a buyer's inclination to buy by 26%.

Postcards are the least expensive direct mail marketing materials – not just in postage but in paper, printing, and handling costs.

Depending on your company colors, your company image, your industry, and your target market, you may want to use orange, yellow, or pink postcards stock; these colors statistically pull the best response from postcard mailings.

As with any marketing material, do not put your company name at the top of the postcard - use a headline instead! It is a marketing myth that the most important aspect of marketing is "getting your name out there". The most important aspect of marketing must be to generate sales; use a strong headline to do so... not your company name.