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"This personal profile is my favorite marketing material. I have used it with great success. Your ingenuity really does deliver. I recommend using the info on your website and the profile template in your Jump Start Tool Kit to absolutely every one who wants to increase their business quickly." 
Nancy Ratcliff 

First, what is a Personal Profile?

Well basically, it's a small business marketing material that introduces prospects to your or to any individual in your business. You may be more familiar with the term Marketing Bio, Executive Bio, or Executive Profile -- they are all twists on the same thing.

The typical purpose of a personal profile is to provide prospects with information to build credibility. That is why you typically see personal profiles focusing on information from an "egotistical" viewpoint instead of a rapport-generating viewpoint.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, think about the profiles you have seen in the past. If there is a picture, the person is usually dressed in "professional clothing", and the text focuses on professional accomplishments, educational degrees, and other resume data. It all seems to focus on presenting the person in the distance, on a pedestal.

Now, I agree... credibility is an important part of getting prospects to trust you and to do business with you. BUT... a personal profile is the BEST OPPORTUNITY to establish rapport with your prospects - and create credibiliity.

Remember: It is the fact that people do business with people they know – and trust; statistics indicate this to be true for 87% of all business transactions, so let's build on that fact!

So, how do you use a personal profile to help the reader feel like they know you as a person first, and a professional second?

Use an introduction line (It’s always more comfortable…) and it should be worded specifically to show a benefit to the reader/prospect. This takes your ego out of the profile (as far as the prospect is concerned).

The photo is specifically for creating rapport; it should show you as friendly and approachable. Even if you are in a traditional, "professional" industry, there are subtle things you can do to show your "human side" in the photo.

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and your position in the company. Follow this with three of the following pieces of information: where you come from, where you live, how many children you have, pets, or hobbies. These specific pieces of information about you psychologically create rapport with the prospect, because if you think about it, the prospects really knows very little about you.

In the second paragraph, discuss what you did prior to joining/founding the company. This is where you can put your educational and professional information to establish credibility with the prospect. In the third paragraph, you are "selling" the company by telling why you founded it or joined it, its competitive advantage, and other things that the prospect needs to know to be motivated to do business with the company.

Finally, close with a friendly, rapport-generating phrase.

NOTE: This is the one of very few Brilliant Marketing! materials that does not include a call-to-action. This is strictly a rapport-generating material.

Because... as you will learn later in this online marketing course, a Personal Profile is rarely used as a stand-alone material; it is accompanied by a marketing material that focuses on selling (a material with a call to action).