New Customer Promotions =  New Profits!

New Customer Promotions are used specifically to create incentive for prospects to do business with you for the FIRST TIME. Common examples include "20% off 1st printing job" or "30% off 1st carpet cleaning."

The concept is pretty easy to understand, but there are some cautions involved with this specific promotion / marketing message.

The biggest issue with most New Customer Promotions is that businesses typically "reward" only new customers and seemingly penalize customers that do repeat business. After all, what customer wants to pay 30% more than the 'new guy'. Shouldn't repeat customers be rewarded for their loyalty? Not penalized?)

The right way to execute a New Customer Promotion is to make certain that all customers - new and old - have been offered the New Customer Promotion offer. Meaning...if you did not provide your current customers with a discount offer when they were a new customer, you need make your offer available to them also.

What this really means, is that if you have never had a New Customer Promotion in place, start with a promotion that offers the discount to all of your customers. This can be a limited time discount, of course, but they will have at least been offered the discount. Then... continue that offer to provide incentive for propsects to become your new customers. 

20% off your first order
One month free
Free loaf of bread (or other product offer)
Free Special Report
Free initial consultation
First Two Weeks Free
Initiation Fee Waived
Your Friend Comes Along Free
Two months for the price of one
Free Dental Cleaning
Includes Two Follow Up Services
Free Shampoo
Complimentary Carwash
First Order We Pay the Shipping
First Appointment Fee is Waived