Forget Marketing Newsletters! 
Use News-Fliers Instead

"This material is great. In addition to doing my own marketing, I'm now printing a lot of newsletters for my clients. You can bet I will not only start using News-Fliers for my business, but I will also be passing along this Brilliant idea to my clients." 
JD Torres 
John's Printing 
Dallas, TX

Although marketing newsletters are decent marketing materials, they are far from great small business marketing tools. (Now I KNOW that is going to seem absurd to a lot of you... but keep reading and I think you'll understand why I would make such a bold - and sometimes even controversial statement.)


Well, first, they are 'decent' materials because they have rapport building strengths (which is a huge plus). However, there are things about marketing newsletters that make them less than Brilliant...

Marketing newsletters tend to be expensive to create, time-consuming, and even expensive to mail (both in postage and handling)... AND, whether we like it or not, marketing newsletters typically don't even get read! (At least not in full.) (All that work for nothing - yikes!)

So… we took the best of newsletters... solved the problems with them... and developed what we call a Brilliant Marketing! original material: the News-Flier.

News-Flier Design

There are several different styles of News-Fliers you can create and use. Some work best when using snail-mail, some work best for retail businesses, and others work better for service businesses. (You can subscribe to the Brilliant Marketing News-Flier (at the end of this page) as an example of how to create and use an on-line News-Flier.)

A News-Flier is a one page flier designed to look like a marketing newsletter but without all the negatives.

For example, a News-Flier is inexpensive to mail and to prepare (in fact, you can create a years worth of materials in a single afternoon). And because it is so simple, it gets read.

In fact, the strategic use of bullets in the News-Flier not only helps ensure it gets read, but it also increases the length of time the material is kept around and referenced by the prospect or customer. Many of our clients started calling News- Fliers their refrigerator flyer because the information was so useful they hung it on their refrigerator for months.

Another strength of the News-Flier is that it works equally well with prospects and customers. Sure, a newsletter might also, but they are typically too expensive to send to prospects and are reserved for customers only... and if kept at all, they are typically kept in a file somewhere (instead of an easily seen place like the refrigerator or bulletin board).

Here are the basic design elements of a News-Flier for on-line or off-line News-Fliers and for any type of business.

Keep it to one-page

"Name" your News-Flier and create a banner-style header that never changes (similar to what you see on the front page of a newspaper)

Use a headline to introduce the subject of your article/main content

Start with a single paragraph to introduce the information that will follow

Use 10-12 bullets to give the reader the meat and potatoes of your article. For example, a bakery might use ten tips for keeping cakes fresh, or a small business consultant might do 10 tips on the newest tax laws.... you get the idea.

Close with a short summary paragraph

Use the backside of the News-Flier for a display ad. This is a great opportunity to promote one of your products or services; it is also a great opportunity to cross-promote with another business.

The backside of the News-Flier also serves as a self-mailer.

Be sure to use a left-hand teaser (refer to the chapter on stationery and envelopes if you forgot what a left-hand teaser will do for you.)