Marketing Messages Make or Break Your Business!

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"I have read, literally, over one hundred books on marketing. Your Brilliant Marketing! information pulls it all together and makes it easy. I wish I had found this first. I would've saved hundreds of dollars and hours researching and learning things the hard way." 
Tamera Webb 
The Book Nook 

Defining your foundational marketing messages upfront (as in first, as in now) - instead of when you need to create an ad, a flyer, or any other marketing material - is step one if you are going to market brilliantly.

Why? There are several reasons. First, speaking strictly from a process standpoint, when you get to the lessons where you are creating your marketing materials, these messages plug into the templates almost like puzzle pieces.

Speaking from a marketing results perspective, it is important because it is a huge time-saver and defining your messages upfront (and using them in all of your materials) brings complete consistency to your marketing.

Prospects hear and see the same thing again and again and your marketing messages actually get through to their brain so they can (and will) take action and do business with you!

The messages you need to define are listed below. (Although each is a hyperlink, if you are actually working through this on-line course (as opposed to exploring the site), use the NEXT LESSON hyperlinks to avoid confusion and to stay on course (no pun intended!))

Also, after you have developed each marketing message below, be sure to write it down and insert it into your Living Marketing Manual under the Messages tab. You will refer to these messages often when you start creating your marketing materials. 

What Are You Selling (Marketing Focus) - define what products or services will be the focus of your marketing 

Marketing Focus / Target Market - define your target markets 

Company Image - your company image is all about attracing your target market(s) to your products and services 

Business Name - even if you already have a business name, be sure and review this quick no-nonsense lesson 

Mission Statement - a mission statement should be written so that it also markets your business 

Logo Design - the basic scoop on logos; sure to save you money and time 

Slogans - practical, enlightening info about slogans; when, if, and how they help you get new customers 

Competitive Advantage - why should your prospects do business with you instead of your competition? 

Value-Added Product or Service - people like to feel like they are getting more than they pay putting this simple fact to work for you improves your marketing results 

Referral Incentives - it is 600% less expensive to get new customers from referrals than it is to get them from direct marketing; put that statistic to work and see some great results 

New Customer Promotion - provide maximum incentive for prospects to become your customer 

Benefits and Features - how to tell the difference between your benefits and your features, and the right way to market with them 

Rapport Messages / Relationship Marketing - relationship marketing is the MOST effective marketing strategy possible... and it includes using these rapport marketing messages 

Headlines - having powerful headlines ready to go when you develop your marketing materials is critical 

Customer Quotes - a fool-proof way to get the best of the best customer quotes to use in your marketing materials (even if you don't have any customers yet!) 

Marketing Promotions / Special Offers - every marketing material should provide maximum motivation for your prospects to take action and do business with you NOW! Find out what marketing promotions and special offers you should be promoting. 

Want assistance and some extra validation when defining your foundational marketing messages? Click Here!