Brilliant Marketing Materials

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"Not a single material - including my business card - could be considered Brilliant before I took this course. I made the changes you suggested (using the templates in your Jump Start Tool Kit) and my business has been increasing ever since. I just can not thank you enough. Brilliant is right!" 
Kay Boyles 
Antique Dealer 

Once you have defined your marketing messages, the next step is to create the following Brilliant marketing materials.

As you finish each material, be certain to file the original(s) in the plastic sleeves under the Materials tab in your Living Marketing Manual. If for some reason this is not possible (e.g. size), file the original(s) in a place that is easily accessible and then note in the Materials section of your Living Marketing Manual where they can be found. 

Business Cards

Business Stationery

Fax Cover Sheet


Personal Profile

Introduction Sales Letter



Referral Incentive Fliers


Customer Quote Flier

Company Profiles

Display Ad Layout

Press Release

Once these are materials are created, the fun really begins; you will learn tons of ways to put them to work bringing you new customers and revenues.

So what are you waiting for? Click away! 


Although you can click on each of the links above to get to each lesson, it is highly recommended that you simply follow the NEXT LESSON hyperlinks if you are following the online course. (We don't want any confusion here!) :-)