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If you have been taking the online marketing tutorial, by now you have defined your marketing messages and created numerous marketing materials to deliver those messages.

The next section of the course focuses on the many ways to put these materials to work, delivering your messages to your prospects and customers (e.g. marketing!).

There are basically seven categories you must use to market your business, and at the very least you need to address each of these categories to determine if it is appropriate for your business. The categories include:

Business Communications Business Communications includes everything you do as a part of your daily operations. For example, using your billing statement, fax cover sheet, or phone greeting, to market your business. It also includes things like using your business introduction, phone greeting, and voice mail message as marketing tools.

Networking and Personal Marketing Networking is everything you do to connect with others. Networking extends beyond your business day as you are always interacting with others, and everyone you know is a potential client or referral source.

Advertising Advertising includes much more than newspaper, radio, and television ads; Brilliant Marketing!™ focuses on less expensive, more effective options.

Direct Mail Direct mail includes letters, flyers, postcards, newsletters, news-flyers – anything you stamp and send through the mail.

Public Relations Public Relations is one of the most effective, least understood marketing tools. As you will learn, there is little mystery involved and you can do it! (After all, 97% of all news is planted by publicity agents or business owners; get your share!)

Internet Marketing Internet marketing is the new kid on the marketing block. Until recently, internet marketing was considered important only for online businesses like Amazon or ebay. Fortunately, that has changed, and just about every business can benefit from using the internet to market their business. Internet marketing can be anything from using your e-mail signature card to promote your business, to printing on-demand coupons from your website. 

Customer Service/Customer Development Customer Development goes beyond the more familiar "Customer Service”; it is using specific marketing tactics targeted at your current customers for the purpose of developing them into more valuable customers and referral sources.