Logo Design Tips To Make Yours Brilliant

Online Course: Lesson Eight

Before you spend a lot of time or money on your logo design, read the following tips...

  • A logo should be simple. Its purpose is to portray your image in a picture. That is all.
  •  Most businesses think a creative, “award-winning” logo will generate business. Statistics show they are wrong.

  •  Professionals (i.e., doctors, dentists, accountants) seldom need a logo. The font style used to write the name of the practice works as the logo and creates the image. If you and/or your business is a ‘traditional’ or ‘professional’ business (i.e., anything dealing with money, health care, seniors, etc.), this might be appropriate for you also.

  •  Your logo must look as good in black and white as it does in color. This is imperative for several reasons: 1) there are times it must be printed in black and white (i.e., advertising in a newspaper) and 2) when you have the option to print it in black and white or color, black and white is less expensive.

  •  A logo must represent your image accurately – if you are friendly, have a friendly-looking logo. If you are expensive, create an expensive looking, traditional logo. Somewhere in between? Reflect that neutrality in your logo.

  •  Your logo should be scalable to different sizes with out being fuzzy

  •  Enlarge and reduce your logo design to determine how it might look over a fax machine, on a website, etc.

  •  Simplicity of design makes a logo easier for customers to remember and recognize.

  •  The best logo is not elaborate and creative. In fact, the most common mistake people make when designing logos is trying to design them to be award-winning creative (they usually end up being creative, expensive, and ineffective!)

  •  You should have various logo sizes (small, medium, and large), a web version and a print version, a black-and-white version, and color version. Always plan beyond your initial design purposes for your logo since the ultimate goal of your business is to expand.

  •  Curves and lines also play a role in the logo design. Curves represent to your prospects that your company is a soft caring and support specialist type business. Straight lines represent a company is in the high tech field or another rapidly growing business.