Discover the Secret Behind Successful Introduction Sales Letters!

"OH MY GOSH! The first time I put this sales letter to work, I got an 14% response rate. Absolutely unheard of before. I can not thank you enough." 
Chelsee J. Casey 
Mannatech Distributor 

Books and more books have been written on creating great introduction sales letters, and I know that there are genuinely some great ones out there. However, to be honest with you, it drives me crazy to see websites and books providing examples of introduction sales letters that don't stand a chance of pulling a great response.

Just because someone has published them in a book or puts them up on a web-site, does not mean that they will pull the results you need!

When you are assessing introduction sales letters (or writing your own for that matter), make sure to use the following techniques:

The First Line should do nothing more than entice the reader to continue reading... let them know there is something of value in the letter; create interest and the desire for the reader to continue into the letter

No NOT bury the benefits and features inside of paragraphs - put them in bullets

Always use headlines (yes, even in letters... headlines sell!)

Don't close with "Sincerely"; everyone know is it just a formality; you need to use rapport phrases when you close your letters

Don't use black ink for your signature... blue ink statistically pulls the highest response - it's a personal touch

Don't use formalities such as Dear Mr. John Doe or first and last name. Why? Because when you have rapport with someone you don’t address them using both their first and last name. Strong marketing letters assume that kind of rapport exists (in order to create it). I know that sounds odd, but it works.

Don't focus on benefits - be sure to support the benefits with features

Always use a PS to draw the prospect back into the letter (statistically, the first line and the PS have the highest readership rate -- why waste it on anything but getting the reader back into your letter?)