Flier Design -- Quadruple Your Money With a Brilliant Design

"I used the flier design template in your Jump Start Tool Kit to promote a seminar. I thought you would like to know that with that flyer alone, I got a 23% response rate for a $49 seminar! Unbelievable! I came out way ahead on this one and I am looking forward to see what happens next time." 
Michael Edwin 
Golf instructor 

What does a Brilliantly designed flier look like?

Well, there is no need for guessing because statistics and research tell us exactly what needs to be on your flier design --and where it needs to be -- to bring you maximum results! Brilliant!

So lets' get started...

The first flier you should create is a general purpose flier; one used to promote your services or products in general (as opposed to promoting a special event such as a sale or a seminar).

Most businesses design a general purpose flier to be informational as opposed to motivational... that is a BIG mistake.

For example, they use their business name as the headline (at the top of the flier), or maybe they list their services or products, and include their address, phone number, website address and e-mail address somewhere near the bottom of the flier. (Starting to sound familiar?)

To make matters even more confusing (actually worse), there are many very popular software packages (including marketing software packages) which come with templates for flier designs (and other materials) and they are completely misleading unsuspecting small business marketers (remember what we said in the beginning about following each other down the path of destruction? Perfect example!)

Although these templates and materials often look great and make things easy, they do not motivate your prospects to take action and they really aren't good marketing materials at all! They are designed by creative types who are not aware of how to format materials for maximum response. (Remember – they get paid whether or not the flier design works for you!)

What you need to do is make certain all of your fliers are designed, including your general purpose flier, focused on delivering messages that will motivate your prospect to take action; the information about your company (products, or services) is used as back-up data on the flier(not the focus!)

This is done by using:

A strong incentive/offer

Testimony quotes

Easy contact information - at the bottom center, large enough to easily find and read

Map or locator phrase

Payment options and/or terms - use payment icons and spell out terms if they are important to your sale

Here are some other things to consider when designing your fliers. 
90% of the impact of a flier is in the headline alone

Photos and testimonials give instant credibility on fliers

Including coupons in a flier increases response rates

Photos are more effective than drawings

Photos of babies pull the #1 response rates

Lowercase text is read 13.4% faster than TEXT IN ALL CAPITALS

Flier colors which statistically pull the highest response are orange, yellow, and pink (respectively)

Statistically the most powerful words used on flyers are FREE, SAVE, FOOD, and NOW

Creative flair is the most expensive, least effective marketing element on fliers – FOCUS on creating strong messages!