Discover the Power of Customer Quotes in Your Marketing

Simply put, a Customer Quotes Flier is a one page marketing material that focuses on what your customers are saying about you -- and if it's all good (;-), then it will certainly help increase your business.

This material is effective is because it’s different and because it provides a ton of third party credibility to your marketing. (When was the last time you received a single piece of paper with customer testimony quotes as the entire advertisement/endorsement?) As a prospect, it makes you stop, think, and take notice.

Creating a Customer Quotes Flier is simple...

1) Start with a header (you should know this by now!) ;-)

2) List customer testimony quotes; use times new roman italic font for maximum rapport

3) Use quotation marks and the customer's full name and business name (if it is a business reference/quote)

4) Include your contact information in the bottom center (or better yet, print it on your company stationery)

And that's it! VERY simple -- very powerful. And there are a plethora of ways to use this Customer Quote Flier as you will see in the lessons that follow.