Is Your Business Name Brilliant?

Now, I realize that many of you probably already have a business name, but keep reading, and as an interesting exercise, test your business name against the list below and see how it rates.

Even if you are not going to be changing your business name, at least you'll know this great information when you start another business (or to help friends and family start their businesses.)

For those of you that have not settled on a business name yet -- GREAT! You're not only at the right place... but you are here at the right time too!

To be an effective marketing tool, your business name must do as many of the following things as possible:

Describe what you sell - (John Doe Teen Therapist vs. John Doe & Associates)

Catch prospects attention - (Brilliant Ideas!... sounds motivational, inspiring, and fun!)

Be easily read, remembered, and pronounced - (Poor choice IAIAIA Repair or Stolzingadkuii Repair)

Connect with prospects needs, wants, or desires - ("That’s what I need… Award-Winning Decorating!")

Set you apart from your competitors - (Expert Repair versus ABC Repair)

Be in-line with prospects expectations - (Discount Movie House must sell tickets at reduced rates)

Focus on prospects needs (instead of your ego) - (Quick Oil and Lube versus Jones Oil changes)

Communicate your primary benefit - (While You Wait Cake Decorating)