At Last! 
Easily Identify Your Benefits and Features

Most marketing books and consultants will tell you to promote your benefits instead of your features (because people buy benefits, they don’t buy features).

There is the occasional marketing book or consultant, however, that tells you to forget promoting benefits and instead promote features (because benefits make you sound like a huckster.)

With all this conflicting advice, what does a business owner do? Well... how about LEAD WITH BENEFITS AND FOLLOW WITH FEATURES!

By promoting your benefits, but also promoting how they are achieved (your features), your marketing is motivational and yet credible.

However, if there is one long-standing, confusing issue in marketing, it is distinguishing between benefits and features.

Although Brilliant Marketing! doesn’t completely solve the problem, there are a few Brilliant tips for helping you distinguish your benefits from your features.

Benefits can almost always be stated in only one or two words.

Benefits are strictly related to, or create, an immediate emotion.

A benefit is what you get / feel... A feature is how you get it.

The So-What Game

Here is a quick game we developed that is really effective for helping you distinguish benefits from features.

Start by stating a word that you believe is a benefit... then ask yourself "So What?" If you can answer the question, then ask "So What?" again. Do this as many times as necessary until you are at one or two word phrases with really no answer to the "so what" question.

For example, I was teaching a marketing seminar for a group of dental students. As a part of the seminar, we were distinguishing between benefits and features. I asked the group to tell me some of the benefits of the office where they worked. One young man yelled out "We have fine grain leather dental chairs!" After everything we had discussed relative to benefits and features, I just looked at him and said "So What?"

My harshness stunned him and he belligerently said "so it’s comfortable!" "Ah" I replied… "It’s comfortable - the benefit is comfort, the feature was fine-grain leather dental chairs!" It made perfect sense to everyone in the room at that point. (They also understood the power of the "So What" game.)

Example Benefit Words:
No Hassle
Save Time
Save Money
Be More Intelligent
Feel Loved (Get More Love)
Make More Money
Look More Beautiful
Look and Feel Thin!
Get What You Need – Realize Your Dreams
Trust – Low Risk
Feel Valued (or Needed)
Feel Good Inside